A Birthday Note

It’s here, we made it! Today is April 7 which marks one year since the launch of Freely Project. It’s been an exciting adventure getting to share this vision with you all, and I want to begin first and foremost with sharing my gratitude. 

One of the hardest things about this process has been learning to be transparent and maintaining my confidence in that transparency. When this idea first began formulating in January 2016, I had little vision of what I wanted this project to be. But as a learned to move with the flow of it, I also learned that I had to speak these ideas into existence. The more I spoke with family and friends, the more my excitement grew and provided me with the drive to sit at my desk for hours, just thinking about what could be. It sounds daunting, but it was in these quiet moments that I began to see the vision take shape.

Fast forward to now, I find myself at that same desk as I’m typing this remembering the pivotal moments that occurred in year one. It has provided me opportunity to sell at church conferences in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and markets in Orange County, Los Angeles, and New York (whaaatt!). I’ve been interviewed for a podcast, and contacted for several partnerships with awesome people all over the country. In the last few weeks, I’ve secured vendor spots for an amazing online pop-up, as well as pop-ups in Atlanta and San Francisco. 

Things are speeding up! If there is one thing I want to hold with me to encourage me through the stressful and difficult times, it’s that it has been your love and support for this project that has helped sustain it in the past and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. "Thank you" is not enough- no words are really enough, but I still want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Year one was fun, but year two, I am ready for you! 

With love, 


Lizzy MadrigalComment